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The MORE Academy is a members’ group of business masterclasses - led by Jill Evenden, a chartered accountant and business owner. 

For 2022  Jill will be sharing her knowledge and guiding members to Build a MORE Profitable Business and Take control of Finances. Work smarter and not harder!  

Virtual Team Meeting


Jill is a chartered accountant and founder of EBS Chartered Accountants.

Jill says "I left being employed years ago to start my business so I know what it feels like to take that risk and have many stories to tell about the mistakes I made - learn from me and how to avoid them! 

Join me, as we start the journey together.  2022 is be going to be quite tough with inflation and increased taxes but if you join now you get a price for life for less than £50 a month".


Pay this and get an hour of my time each month where we discuss increasing your profit and reducing your costs - Build a more Profitable Business!"


Are you spending time on non important stuff rather than adding to your profit? Join Jill to discover the tools to make your business more profitable.  You will learn how to increase your sales, reduce your costs  and work less hours!

Masterclass dates

Monday  10th January  (10.00am-11.00am) 

Monday 7th February (10.00am-11.00am)

Monday 7th March (10.00am-11.00am)

​Join now and get a 'price for life' for £49.95 pm.

Membership includes a weekly motivator message from Jill and a Facebook Group to share ideas



You'll be part of a community of business people who are all interested in achieving more, learning more and earning more.

Share knowledge, discuss problems, and talk about what's important to you. 


You will receive a weekly email with an achievable action to take forward into your daily business.


You will start the week on a high, feel energised and ready to achieve results. 


Join Jill to get vital and supportive business advice 
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