Cash - earn MORE, keep MORE.

After the great success of the two taster sessions we are delighted to announce the first official online masterclass is to be held on Monday 8th November at 10.00am.

Due to the current pandemic so many people in business feel that they are starting again, and as part of this it’s so important right now to manage your cash flow.

With this in mind Jill’s first masterclass is all about: Cash - earn MORE, keep MORE.

Jill will be giving you her top 10 tips for keeping and managing cash. How to ease your cash worries and simple but effective ways of reviewing your costs.

And, with the budget being announced this week Jill will also discuss the implications and the affect this may have on your business and what this means for your tax bill.

For more information on The More Academy please click here or subscribe to the monthly sessions and receive ‘price for life’ at £49.95 per month and join Jill on Monday 8th November.

Start The More Academy journey today!

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